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Giuliana’s Taste of Italy

This is a communicative and lively course, utilising fun and engaging learning activities. Learners will build up enough language skills, through speaking, listening, reading and writing to deal

with a number of predictable situations encountered when visiting Italy or

when speaking to an Italian native.

- Giuliana Rosi, Tutor -

This Year 3 Programme is run by a fully qualified tutor called Giuliana Rosi. She has 11 years teaching experience in the Italian language, holds a 'Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector' and has been awarded ‘Outstanding’ grades in teaching'. Within these weekly Italian classes you will learn how to understand and speak the italian language through role play, pair work, group work, colourful PowerPoint presentations, visual aids such as flashcards, games, reading, writing and listening exercises. If you are interested in taking part please contact Giuliana prior to joining this group.

Extra sessions for beginners are due to be added at Hurst Community Centre on Friday mornings, beginning in January 2017. If this course is of interest to you then please get in contact!


Friday's at 1pm - 4pm.

Please contact before joining this class.




£12.50 per session and is payable in advance per 14 week programme.

The number of weeks can be extended upon completion of the 14 week programme.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are free!

Contact Details

Contact Name:

Giuliana Rosi

Contact Number:

07941 114 272

Contact Email:

[email protected]