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Youth Action Diversity Trust

Youth Action Diversity Trust Presents:

Youth Inclusion 'ADHD Social Club'

Thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund we are able to provide fantastic services for children with ADHD and Autism!

Where: North Cray Neighbourhood Centre

When: Every Tuesday at 5pm to 6pm

For: 8 - 11 year olds

Costs: £5 per session


The Autism Social Club meets on a weekly basis and provides a safe environment for young people to meet with their peers and have fun. The weekly sessions provide a range of calming activities including fun games, crafts, and cooking in a structured, supported and fun way.

The club is suitable for children who are pre or post assessment.

Parents and carers are asked to stay on-site where they have the opportunity to talk to like-minded parents over a cup of tea or coffee!

          *For more information about any of our activities please contact the Centre Office

on 020 8308 3862 or email North Cray Neighbourhood Centre using our Contact page.